NeXtFab is a unique multiuser enterprise system, ready to go ‘out of the box’.  When you first log in, you’ll find thousands of North American sections and materials with industry-standard designations.  There are virtually no data records to create.  All you need to do on Day 1 is import your contact data (customers and vendors) and create User profiles for your office and shop floor staff.  Logicap will guide you in the process to set you up in hours.  And since it’s a web-based environment, you don’t need to install a server or have a technician on staff.  If you want to collect shop floor time on jobs, we’ll help you install the touch-screen tablets that make it easy.


NeXtFab is a very intuitive system which enables your company to manage all the important stuff from start to finish.  Comprehensive on-line Help guides you through its use.  But if you want to ramp up quickly, Logicap will plant a knowledgeable expert in your office for a day or even a week.  We’ll teach your staff to use NeXtFab to maximize productivity.


NeXtFab is undergoing rapid development, adding new functionality monthly.  If you want to harness new features to make your work move even faster, you’ll expect the occasional helping hand from Logicap.  We respond to telephone, email, and text requests for help during regular business hours.  And we maintain your system operating at peak efficiency in the Internet cloud.

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