Historic victories.

3L Filters Ltd. was an organization steeped in Engineering costs associated with quoting on the fabrication of filtration pressure vessels.  The result of our engagement with his organization resulted in The President being presented with the Best-of-Show Diamond Award for his visionary adoption of an enterprise system enabling his sales team to quote complex products in minutes.

What's being said about our software products?

“Custom metal fabrication is a demanding marketplace where speed and accuracy is paramount.  Logicap’s Profit-Maestro software gives us the edge to win.”

“At 3L Filters Ltd we called our software installation the ‘engineer in a box’ and it tripled our quote-to-order success rate over 2 years."  Value add is what made our company ripe for a take over.

“Logicap principals have worked successfully with us over 3 decades helping grow our technological edge in the highly competitive automotive tooling arena.”

“We needed to consolidate critical product configuration expertise in a user-friendly custom software product.  Logicap delivered on time and on budget and continues to support us years later.”

“Logicap developed a standard architecture for our modular product program and positioned us to compete globally in the market for process cleaning and sterilization machinery.”


George Foss, former CEO,  3L Filters Ltd.

Tom Cacic, President, G.S. Die & Design Inc.

John Wyatt, Engineering Manager, Unifin International

Ole Madsen, CEO, McFlusion Inc.



Mike Ball, President, Ball Service Group Inc.

Mike Ball, President, Ball Service Group Inc.

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