NeXtFab, software for speed and accuracy in custom metal fabrication

Technology to grow your business

How will NeXtFab truly improve your company’s profitability?  Count the ways...

1)  Quote quickly and accurately

NeXtFab includes 1,000s of standard sections and materials, you set costing standards

2)  Eliminate confusion and wasted effort

Manage large and small jobs from start to finish with company-wide visibility of details

3)  Replace spreadsheets, word processing, catalogs, and paper scraps

It’s all online in an enterprise system that remembers everything

4)  Monitor your company’s performance continuously

Track materials and labor, and know exactly what every job cost to deliver

5)  Depend on reliable technology with very low cost of ownership

No servers or technicians required with a nominal monthly maintenance

6)  Leverage your existing staff

Competent estimators are hard to find -- give key employees the tools to maximize their output

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