Logicap Engineering’s Mission

Help North American fabricators become more profitable and exceptional in their execution of processes so they continue to be the choice of local customers in their home country.

Logicap started its journey in Cambridge, Ontario creating tools and providing engineering services to help local  engineer to order companies become more efficient.  Over a  20 year period the experience collected and the number of software tools created were finally assembled into a workable software base that would represent a suite of software products. We then decided to focus on the custom metal fabrication market and create a single all encumpassingsoftware product product that would address the many handicaps associated with the custom metal fabrication industry. To ensure our final product was more than a theoretical design we partnered with one of Cambridges biggest and most respected metal fabricator to create our Profit-Maestro product in a live environment.

Logicap’s experienced engineers and software developers along with engineers, estimaters, shop floor personnell, schedulers  and the management team collaberated on the development of a  web-based enterprise systems that would sreamline the sales, design, purchasing, and production functions of a typical custom metal fabricator.  With the most advanced technology on the market we have captured and automated knowledge processes to speed up quoting while ensureing more accuracy , gathered more information to ensure speedy delivery and provide management with more information to make responsible decisions.

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