Logicap Engineering’s Mission

Ensure our customers operate more profitably
in the highly competitive custom metal fabrication marketplace
across North America.

NeXtFab is the premier software product of Logicap Engineering Corp. based in Cambridge, Ontario.  Logicap’s suite of applications is the result of 20 years technology development helping custom manufacturers improve internal efficiency, profitability, and market leadership.  Our technology, tailored to specific industries, supplants traditional ERP to address rapid change in today’s engineer-to-order environments.

Logicap’s experienced engineers and software developers build web-based enterprise systems to streamline the sales, design, purchasing, and production functions of companies like yours.  With the most advanced technology on the market, Logicap captures and automates your knowledge processes.  Our award-winning NeXtreme Automation technology is unmatched by any other vendor in the same market space.

We deliver expertise in Engineering, Manufacturing, Software Development, ERP, Project Management, and Sales Management to ensure a profitable partnership with our customers.  Logicap is your design-in-the-field expert.  Optional 3D digital prototype generation provides precise visualization of proposed custom products.  Ask our customers how well we’ve served them over the years.

NeXtFab was developed in conjunction with a leading Ontario metal fabrication company that is now a premier user of the application.  The client contributed endless hours guiding Logicap’s programming team in automating internal process to maximize productive benefit.  Contact us to learn more.

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